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A Guaranteed Return of $11,325 on Your Next Trade!


Dear subscriber,

This may sound hard to believe - or even illegal, for that matter.

But what I'm about to tell you is 100% true. And it's absolutely legal. (Believe me, I've checked!)

Here's the deal: I'm prepared to offer you a guaranteed return of $11,325 on your very next trade.

How can I do that?

Before I explain the details, let me throw something else at you:

I'm launching two new advisory services - which combined sell for hundreds of dollars per year - designed to help investors like you rack up double and triple-digit profits on their "green" investments.

But I'm not writing you today to try and sell you these two new services.


Instead...I'm writing today to give you full subscriptions to each of our newest "green" advisory services...FREE of charge.

So let me recap...I'm offering a guaranteed return of $11,325 on your next trade - and I'm also offering subscriptions to our two newest advisory services FREE of charge.

It could be the most foolish business decision I've ever made

We invested tens of thousands of dollars...we hired new staff...increased our overhead...and purchased all sorts of expensive new computer equipment.

All to launch a pair of new services...with the hopes of building a solid base of paid subscribers.

But then I decided to give these new services away.

That's right - give them away. As in free of charge. I'm absolutely serious about this...

From now until October 25th I'm offering a lifetime subscription to our two newest services - Alternative Energy Speculator and Green Chip International - FREE of charge.

It's all part of a new offering we've put together - an "Inner Circle" of our Green Chip services, if you will.

This new arrangement is a way for you to get all of our Green Chip research - every single service we publish both now and in the future.

We call it the Green Alliance - and I'm writing you today to invite you to become a charter member.

The idea for the Green Alliance came about just a few weeks ago at our first ever Angel Publishing seminar. At that event - held in Philadelphia - I had the opportunity to meet several subscribers who had some impressive success stories to tell.

And while I wasn't surprised to hear of their success, it's always energizing to hear how Green Chip readers are able to turn our research into real-life profits.

It was while talking with one of my readers about his own success that the idea hit me:

I shouldn't charge my readers for our newest advisory services...I should give them away. And what's more - if I do this properly, I can guarantee them more than a $10,000 return on their very next "trade."

Listen...over the past year we've racked up some impressive gains for our Green Chip Stocks subscribers...

  • WorldWater & Power (WWAT.OB)... up 378.95%
  • U.S. Geothermal (UGTH.OB)... up 223.89%
  • Cereplast (CERP.OB)... up 94.39%
  • BioteQ (BQE.V)... up 35.93%
  • Comverge (COMV:NASDAQ)... up 34.85%

And subscribers to our Alternative Energy Trader service have done even better...

  • Quick, two-day profits of 40.74% from Ener1, Inc. (ENEI.OB)
  • One-day returns of 33.33% from GS Agrifules (GSGF.OB)
  • Another two-day turnaround of 72.7% from World Energy Solutions (WEGY.OB)
  • And three separate, double-digit winners (11.7%, 11.1% and 26.3%) from International Fuel Technology (IFUE.OB) each with a hold time of less than two days!

Two New Services from the Green Chip team -- Yours FREE

But even with all those success stories - and the truth is, I've only listed a handful of our 71 double-digit winners from this past year - there's something I've got to tell you...

We could have done even better.

You see, by limiting ourselves to just two advisory services - Green Chip Stocks and Alternative Energy Trader - we forced ourselves to fit each of our recommendations into one of just two portfolios.

Over the course of the past year, my team and I have uncovered a number of potential blockbuster investments that we simply were not able to recommend to our readers.

Either the stocks were too speculative for our Green Chip Stocks portfolio... or they were international plays that required further analysis.

It pains me to say it, but... we left a tremendous amount of money on the table.

But those days are gone.

Introducing Alternative Energy Speculator...
and Green Chip International

Over the past few weeks, we've been putting the finishing touches on our two newest advisory services.

And as I mentioned, it was our intent to sell these services to the entire Angel Publishing subscriber base - and we still have plans to do that.

But first I want to offer them both to you...FREE of charge.

Our new Alternative Energy Speculator and Green Chip International will more than double the amount of research we're able to provide our premium subscribers. And along with it, these new services will also allow us to provide countless new winning recommendations.

So here's what I'd like to do...

For a limited time, we're offering a free subscription to both Alternative Energy Speculator and Green Chip International as part of our new "Inner Circle" package deal.

This "Inner Circle" is called the Green Alliance, and simply put - it's an easy way for you to get all of our Green Chip research...for years to come.

By becoming a charter member of the Green Alliance today, you get a lifetime subscription to all four of our Green Chip advisory services - plus any new services we launch in the future.

It's as simple as that - for a modest, one-time fee you'll "lock in" the kinds of profits that our Green Chip readers have been enjoying for years...

And you'll get a guaranteed return of $11,325 in the process.

I'll tell you how you can sign up for the Green Alliance with one click of a mouse in just a moment. But first... let me tell you a little about all four of the services included in your Green Alliance membership...

FREE Research Service #1:
Alternative Energy Speculator

Regular Price: $495 per year
Price for Green Alliance Members: FREE!

I realize I'm likely preaching to the choir here, but there's no question - alternative energy stocks are the catalyst for the first REAL profit trend of the 21st century.

I'm talking about a profit trend already worth more than $30 billion in its infancy... and climbing higher by the week.

And whenever you're dealing with a movement growing as rapidly as alternative energy, you're going to have opportunities for some massive gains in stocks that many would label as "speculative."

Here's a quick example...

At the beginning of 2007, Beacon Energy was a little-known, 10-year-old Massachusetts firm that focused on sustainable energy storage. No one paid Beacon any attention - and their stock was thinly traded...only a couple hundred thousand shares changed hands each day.

Take a look at Beacon Energy today.

Share prices have risen from under $1.00 to more than double that price - and they now have an average daily volume approaching 3 million shares.

(image) Chart

Now back in early 2007, Beacon was regularly the target of bashers and one-dimensional analysts that were incapable of seeing see beyond their computer screens and overpriced lattes.

But not us.

You see, back in April, I got hold of a report put out by the California Energy Commission. The report was called: "In the Public Interest Developing Affordable Clean, and Smart Energy for 21st Century California." And on page 40, I found this:

A new flywheel energy storage system, developed by Beacon Power of Wilmington, Massachusetts, with funding from the Energy Commission, can provide the same service more efficiently without burning fossil fuel. Beacon's system works by spinning a carbon-fiber composite flywheel at a very high speed to store electricity in the form of kinetic energy.

The beauty of this technology is that it can respond almost instantaneously to frequency excursions. Whereas it takes conventional power plants up to five minutes to respond to California ISO signals, the flywheel storage energy system takes only four seconds to respond, greatly improving the frequency regulation of the transmission network.

"Jeff, In an era of being tougher and tougher to find undervalued conventional energy plays you are a breath of fresh air. Sitting on good profits from *CENSORED* (145%), Planet Organic (doubled original investment, sold, and bought back in at $1.99), and *CENSORED* (30%). I don't know where you find them, but please keep it up." -Ryan

Now fortunately, I was able to get my traders in this thing when it was trading around $0.83 a share. And we did walk away with a tidy profit.

But those that were able to handle a few extra months and a little more risk are now sitting on gains in excess of 158%.

And Beacon's just one example of those speculative plays loaded with potential.

Take a look at Westport Innovations, a company that was first on the scene when the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles initiated its Clean Air Action Plan.

In an effort to clean up some of the dirtiest ports in the world, the plan called for the replacement of more than 5,300 trucks with clean-burning liquid natural gas (LNG).

When it comes to these kinds of conversions, we knew Westport's technology was top notch. So after the Clean Air Action Plan was announced back in November, 2006, savvy speculators jumped on this stock.

And sure enough, on June 6, the company announced its first 20 LNG trucks to deploy at the ports.

Look at what happened:

(image) Chart

Folks, back in November, Westport was a relative unknown in the alternative energy game. Their shares traded at $1.25 on the Toronto exchange...and volume was low - roughly 30,000 shares per day.

Fast forward to July, about 8 months later, and Westport shares were up roughly 163%... and volume increased nearly ten-fold.

The simple truth is... there have been a lot of Westport Innovations and Beacon Energies that have passed across my desk over the past twelve months.

But I wasn't able to recommend them. They were too speculative for our Green Chip Stocks portfolio...and they didn't move quickly enough for our Alternative Energy Trader subscribers.

So all of us were left on the sidelines for these potential doubles - and many others...

That's why I decided to launch Alternative Energy Speculator. This new service gives us the ability to cash in on those highly-speculative stocks that carry a little more risk than your average alternative energy stock, but definitely give you more bang for your buck.

Welcome to a higher level of "green" investing - Alternative Energy Speculator.

FREE Research Service #2:
Green Chip International

Regular Price: $295 per year
Price for Green Alliance Members: FREE!

In a world where innovation comes from everywhere, those who want to profit from the green revolution need to be unbound by borders.

Think Detroit has an ethanol answer to Peak Oil and black gold's dark days? The Brazilians have been on the ball for 30 years, and their sugar-based technology knocks the socks off cornfield fuel.

From solar to wind to wave energy, water infrastructure and everywhere in between, the best solutions to humanity's most pressing problems are actually coming from outside the U.S.

Until just recently, I've been hesitant to recommend foreign companies to my Green Chip Stocks readers... but the time has come to expand our horizons.

That's why we've decided to launch our newest service -- and take advantage of Angel Publishing's own expertise in the process.

Green Chip International -- which officially "launches" on November 19 -- gives you the sharpest insight, not just into clean technology trends but the geopolitical context that makes markets move. The GCI team has years of experience at your service, delivering you cold cash with the top plays on the global green scene.

I'm talking about winners like...

  • Praj Industries (India) - 200% gain in a year
  • Geothermal Resources Ltd. (Australia) - 300% gain in 18 months
  • Ecosecurities PLC (UK) - 100% gain in a year
  • Renewable Energy (Norway) - 155% gain in a year
  • Sunways (Germany) - 61% in a year

"Dear Jeff, Re: *CENSORED*. I bought this stock at 10\24\05 with a purchase price of $ 0.37. I am trading now for 21 years in stocks. I never had such a huge profit in 3 month in my portfolio. So, you will understand I am very happy, that I have a subscription of your letter, also with the other stocks. I wish you all the best in 2006 in health and trading. I will be looking forward with trust for the next latest recommendations. Best regards." -Leo

Green Chip International combines our own expertise and experience in alternative energy with the global investing knowledge of our own international "guru", Sam Hopkins.

Sam has been all over the world, meeting with biofuel pioneers in Colombia, algal fuel startups in Israel, and this fall he's heading to Asia for a second time to explore explosive profit potential for renewables in China's energy-thirsty economy.

Sam's research has netted multiple triple- and double-digit winners, bringing a world of wealth to readers as he scours the globe for the freshest investment opportunities.

Sam speaks seven languages fluently, so he gets the inside scoop before Wall Street wonks can get it translated. This is on-the-ground, up-to-the-minute research you can't find anywhere else.

It's the natural next step in green investing -- and it allows us to take advantage of triple-digit winners like Geothermal Resources and Praj Industries -- on a consistent basis.

FREE Research Service #3:
Green Chip Stocks

Regular Price: $79 per year
Price for Green Alliance Members: FREE!

Our Green Chip Stocks service - the first service of its kind available anywhere - was launched 3 years ago...and it was created with just one purpose in mind: to make my members a TON of money FAST, with the least amount of effort.

I'm talking about doubling your money in as little as 48 months with nothing more than simple stock plays in the emerging renewable resource sector.

And to that end, we've done quite well. Out of the 31 stocks I've recommended to Green Chip Stocks readers over the past three years, 21 were winners.

Better yet - 15 of those 21 winners delivered gains of more than 30%...and TEN have doubled...tripled...or even quintupled in value.

(image) Chart

Green Chip Stocks is our "flagship" publication - a true one-of-a-kind investment advisory service that had stunning success in 2005, with portfolio returns of +40.66% for the year. And for 2006, +29.7% for the year.

Now this year isn't over yet. But of the 7 new recommendations we've made since February of this year, six are winners, giving us returns of 32.4% so far.

Listen, I could talk all day about the winners we've had in the Green Chip Stocks portfolio. But I'd rather you hear about them from investors just like you...

"Hello Jeff, Was reading you letter this morning and thought I would drop you a line. Up 163% on *CENSORED*! Bought in at .57 a share. My deepest and darkest regret..... I didn't mortgage the house! Thanks for the work!" -M.P.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Hi Jeff, I will say that I was never much a believer in "penny stocks" but between Green Chip, Pure Energy & Secret Stocks, I am now a true believer. So far I am ahead $41,610 in Planet Organic plus $45,795 in *CENSORED* for a total of $97,405. Keep up the great work and keep the suggestions coming. Planet Organic bought @ $1.6728 us/share and *CENSORED* @ $0.5241 us/share. Thank You." -T. L., CA

- - - - - - - - - -

"Hi Jeff, Thanks for the Awesome tip on *CENSORED*. Tried to get it last night for $4.07 and it already climbed to $4.50!!!! *CENSORED* climbed too! so did *censored* and *censored*. Thanks again for all your advice, and have a great week-end." Sincerely, Janice W

- - - - - - - - - -

"I signed on to your service only 2 months ago and have already got a gain that pays your fee for years." -Verner

FREE Research Service #4:
Alternative Energy Trader

Regular Price: $1,995 per year
Price for Green Alliance Members: FREE!

My Alternative Energy Trader is, without question, a fast-paced trading service. We're talking days...even hours in some instances.

Get in, get out...on to the next one.

That's the Alternative Energy Trader's philosophy...and that's the way our readers consistently clean up.

So as you can imagine, as you're reading this right now...new trades are being initiated and sold at a record pace. And the profits just keep piling on.

The Alternative Energy Trader's success rate for trades initiated and sold since December 22, 2006 is 93.4% -- and with an average hold time of 9.06 days before taking profits...

Yes, you read that right. Since December 22, 45 of the 48 Alternative Energy Trader sell recommendations have been winners. And the average hold time for these winners is a measly 9.06 days.

(image) Chart

Just like the gains I listed for my Green Chip Stocks service, the best thing about our winners with the Alternative Energy Trader is that we've helped investors just like you pocket some incredible gains.

Here are just a handful of e-mails I've recently received...

"I bought the stock at .55. Sold it at 1.42. Repurchased at 1.10 and sold at 1.40. Repurchased again at 1.06 and sold at 1.52. A profit of $100,000. You are the ultimate master and I owe you a big hug. I lost 40K during 2000-2004. But thanks to you I earned all the money I lost." - James

- - - - - - - - - -

"Hey Jeff, your newsletter is awesome! Although I still hold a strong position in conventional energy stocks, you've converted me! I also signed up for the trader news letter, and I made 18% on *CENSORED* in a day and 20% on *CENSORED*!

As for *CENSORED* I got in a little later, I bought it at 0.85 and this morning I sold just enough to get my investment back, so I'm about 230% up!

I'm waiting for your next Trader buy recommendation!

Thanks a lot Jeff and keep up the good work." - A.A.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Thanks Jeff, I sold 5K shares today for a $7,000 gain plus still have 5K left with a zero cost basis and $600 spending money. ( Bought at .64)

Your trading service is so necessary as these alternative energy stocks are so volatile that I have gotten out after a 2 week gain of 25% only to see the stock up another 50%. This is where you come in to give us an idea of what is fair value and what is speculator fluff. Thanks again." - L.K.

- - - - - - - - - -

"I got in at .40 with about 10,000 shares. I sold when it hit $1.45, bought it back after it dropped to $1.20, then sold it again today at 2.00!!

Absolutely fantastic. I subscribed to your Trader and dumped the profits into your new recommendations!! I appreciate all your hard work. Keep 'em coming!!" - Regards, R.M.

How to Lock in a Guaranteed Profit of $11,325 Today

Let me recap for just a moment.

  • The price of a subscription to Green Chip Stocks is $79.


  • The price of a subscription to Green Chip International is $295.


  • The price of a subscription to Alternative Energy Speculator is $495.


  • And the price of a subscription to Alternative Energy Trader is $1,995.


Add those all up, and - if you subscribe to each one individually - you'll pay a total of $2,864 per year.

Sign up for two years, and you'd pay $5,728. And if you subscribed for five years, well...you'd be looking at a total bill of $14,320 - before any potential price increases.

But here's the thing... I want you to stay with us for more than five years...and I don't want you to pay anywhere near $14,320 to do it. Not even close.

I want you - right now - to pull the trigger on the most profitable trade you'll ever make.

And what's more - this time, the profit is guaranteed.

That's because - as a current subscriber, you're eligible to join the Green Alliance at our Charter Member Rate - a one-time payment of just $2,995. Or, if you prefer, you can pay in four equal, quarterly installments of $749 each.

You read that correctly -- I'm willing to "give away" a lifetime subscription to all of my Green Chip services...for essentially the same price you'd pay for just one year's worth of research.

But that $11,325 in savings - as good as it might seem - isn't the best part of this deal.

No...the best part of this deal is the fact that you'll be assuring yourself complete access to the outstanding, money-making research of the entire Green Chip Stocks team - for the rest of your life.

And when I speak of our research, I'm talking about all of it.

I can't say for sure when we might launch... but Green Chip Editor Nick Hodge is putting together some outstanding research on water stocks - and on the rapidly emerging global carbon market.

If we decide at any point - and it appears likely that we will - to make Nick's research available in the form of a new advisory service, that service will be yours FREE - for life - as a Green Alliance member.

Why I Must Limit the Number of Green Alliance Memberships...
And Why You Must Act Quickly!

"Hi Jeff, Just thought I'd reply to your recent request, and let you know that I bought *CENSORED* on your recommendation at .80, so as of today (less than 2 weeks later!) I'm up 80%. Just wish I'd been a subscriber earlier! Looking forward to more recommendations from you." -S.F.

There is one catch, however, with our new Green Alliance.

You see, because of the nature of the recommendations in the Alternative Energy Trader - a key component of The Green Alliance - we must cap the membership at no more than 2,000 members.

At any given time, we can have no more than 2,000 active Alternative Energy Trader subscribers. And at the moment, we're nearly 90% filled up.

That leaves us just 200 spots for new Green Alliance members.

And I expect those spots to be gone in short order - that's why it's so important that you act now.

100% Zero Risk Guaranteed

There's no question that membership in the Green Alliance is a tremendous deal - based on the savings alone, you'll make a killing.

But I also understand that a commitment of $2,995 - for anything - is not something to be taken lightly.

More importantly, I want each and every member of the Green Alliance to be 100% satisfied with all of the information and services we offer.

So that's why I'm giving you the strongest guarantee I could possibly imagine.

If for any reason, you decide your membership in the Green Alliance is not for you, simply let us know. Within the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund for every penny you paid for your Green Alliance membership.

So if you're interested in a no-risk membership in the Green Alliance, simply click the link below right away to sign up immediately. It's the only way to guarantee your space - and lock in a total of $11,325 in savings.

I look forward to welcoming you personally into the Green Alliance.



Jeff Siegel

Editor, Green Chip Stocks

P.S. One last, quick success story for you. A few weeks ago - at the Angel Publishing seminar in Philadelphia - I mentioned a company that makes batteries for PHEVs.The company landed a big contract just a few days later. We put out a trade recommendation in the Alternative Energy Trader and sold it within 48 hours for a 40%gain. These are the kinds of winners our Green Alliance members can look forward to for the rest of their lives... Click here to join now...



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