How to live 42 percent longer... and still eat loads of cheese, breads, cream sauces, and rich desserts!

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Now scientists know the real reason why the French can eat more fat, smoke more and drink what they like…and still live 42 percent longer than anyone on earth!

It’s called the “French Paradox,” and it was first revealed over a decade ago on the CBS show 60 Minutes. Researchers showed that the French had a secret weapon when it came to combating cholesterol, heart problems, brain loss, and immune deficiencies: They drink red wine!

But to get the amount of red wine to feel major health improvements, you’d have to drink 5 to 10 glasses a day!

However, a recent medical breakthrough shows there’s a healthier and easier way: Scientists have isolated this life-enhancing super-antioxidant nutrient inside the red wine grape skin. This extract is called resveratrol, but is commonly known as red wine extract.

Studies suggest that red wine extract may be one of the most important medical breakthroughs of our time because it is:

  • 20 TIMES MORE POWERFUL than vitamin C, and
  • 50 TIMES MORE POWERFUL than vitamin E!

This superior antioxidant power is what allows the French the freedom to eat foods that are otherwise forbidden in this country.

But why should the French have all the fun?

[Extra support for vegetarians!]

Now YOU can take red wine extract in just one small capsule a day — and still eat well! Red wine extract contains no alcohol… no sugars, calories or carbs…and it won’t give you a headache!

Let me tell you about the latest powerful red wine extract breakthrough that takes you far beyond ordinary vitamins and antioxidants... or even just plain red wine extract!

In fact, the nutrients in this free radical neutralizing formula show such powerful results for heart, cholesterol, blood pressure, brain and immune health that it’s documented in numerous studies!

First, this more advanced red wine extract discovery can help you maintain a healthy heart by:

  • preserving strong arteries
  • promoting normal cholesterol levels
  • getting rid of extra fats in your digestive tract that build up
  • revitalizing your circulation
  • keeping homocysteine levels in a safe range
  • improving blood flow
  • maintaining healthy blood pressure levels

Now let me tell you the rest of the French Paradox secret that even 60 Minutes didn’t know about…

[Fights constant FATIGUE by helping you feel more energized and vibrant]

For years scientists have studied and tried to unlock the secret of the French Paradox – the counterintuitive notion that a French diet of cheese, chocolate, pastries, and red wine could be associated with IMPROVED cardiovascular health!

People in wine-growing districts of France live 25-42 percent longer and experience fewer cardiovascular problems than Americans… despite their lavish high-fat diets. Even though they don’t exercise at gyms, the French are slimmer, fitter and healthier than people all over the world.

In fact, doctors think they now know why:

Harvard researchers suggest that red wine extract actually sweeps unwanted fats right out of your digestive tract!

Amazingly, researchers at Harvard University Medical School found that the molecule of resveratrol mimics calorie restriction in laboratory studies.

Scientists believe that red wine extract fools the body into thinking it’s being deprived of food…and this actually switches on the genes that repair DNA and helps you avoid the bad consequences of a calorie-laden, high-fat diet.

Just imagine — you can get all this protective power to fight off aging with one nutrient. And best of all, you get all of these results with four major advantages. Red wine extract has:

  • NO alcohol that can harm your liver and kidneys
  • NO sugars that can raise your triglycerides and put your heart at risk
  • NO calories or carbs you get from drinking wine or grape juice
  • And NO side effects like headaches, dizziness or dehydration that comes from drinking wine
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So you can see that red wine extract can do MORE for your body than just give you superior heart protection…BUT…

The key is to get the highest amount of red wine extract with the greatest number of OPCs

To get all of the maximum benefits, you must use only the very finest quality of red wine extract in the highest amount possible.

You see, red wine extract contains very powerful bioflavonoids called oligomeric proanthocyanadins — or OPCs. OPCs fight free radicals that cause accelerated aging and are crucial for supporting healthy circulation and strengthening capillaries. And they do this better than any other antioxidants.

But you need a high concentration of OPCs to get the full benefit in your body!

So the higher the percentage of OPCs you take, the more of the active ingredient you get AND the more powerful free-radical neutralizers you get working in your body.

The highest amount of OPCs are found in red wine. They are also found in most berries, turmeric, apples and even chocolate…but they are highest in red wine.

Most brands contain about five percent OPCs at best. Some I’ve found have only a disgraceful TWO PERCENT, but…

Here’s the most advanced red wine formula I’ve ever found to give you the highest OPC levels:

It’s called Revatrol and it has a 95 percent OPC level — that’s the highest I’ve found for total body protection.

[Revatrol gives you MORE than ordinary red wine extract!]

This formula is the only red wine extract combo I know of that packs the most antioxidant and immune power to actually put the life back into your cells.

Revatrol sends super protection and higher nutritional support to your brain, immune system, digestive tract, heart and arteries. These are the main systems that are critical to keep young and vital as you age.

There’s nothing better to keep your whole body strong as you age. Nothing!

Look what else Revatrol can do that ordinary red wine extracts can’t

This red wine extract formula is so packed with high-powered antioxidants that it also helps you:

  • Fight constant FATIGUE by helping you feel more energized and vibrant
  • Fight continuous COLDS and FLU by stamping out toxic invaders that bring you down and make you sick
  • Fight LIVER OVERLOAD by easing its heavy workload
  • Fight MEMORY LOSS by feeding your brain the nutrients it needs to stay sharp and think clearly
  • Fight SAGGING, AGING SKIN by squashing free radicals to keep your skin looking firm, fresh and vibrant

You Get TRIPLE protection from the three most powerful antioxidants on earth

When Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha-Lipoic-Acid and Quercetin are combined with red wine extract, free radicals don’t stand a chance! It attacks, destroys and cleans out the most dangerous free radicals!

[Only Revatrol gives you the HIGHEST potency and quality!

Unlike any other red wine extract formula on the market, Revatrol ALSO gives you:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid - one of nature’s most versatile antioxidants with two important jobs: First it neutralizes free radicals which help protect your brain, eyesight, liver and overall energy level. It has also been shown to improve blood flow to peripheral nerves and stimulate the regeneration of new nerve fibers — this is important for people who have to constantly worry about the side effects of unbalanced blood sugar levels.
  • Quercetin - another powerful antioxidant that occurs naturally in red wine. Quercetin has many of the same properties as resveratrol, and when they are combined together, quercetin makes resveratrol work better in your body by increasing bioavailability! Many other red wine extract products leave out this important ingredient, making them much less effective.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine - helps your heart and brain by transporting fats into the “engine” powerhouse of each cell — your mitochondria — where the fat is burned for energy. Acetyl-L-Carnitine also has potent antioxidant activity. Several gold standard studies show that it helps people who’ve had strokes, advanced memory and cognitive loss.

Revatrol attacks, destroys and cleans out the most dangerous free radicals in your body right at the places where it all starts — in your cells!

All this in just ONE CAPSULE A DAY

That’s right — you only need to take one capsule a day. One thing you’ll love about Revatrol is that you only have to take one pill — no more handfuls of horse pills, no timing to worry about. You just take one in the morning and you’re covered for the day.

If you’re tired of buying bottle after bottle of nutrients, I urge you to give Revatrol a try.

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You’ll also learn healthy and delightful ways to incorporate red wine extract—and red wine itself—into your healthier new life. You’ll learn things like what countries to buy wines from…and what other food sources contain powerful OPCs.

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All 48 of these discoveries are natural and simple to do. And you’ll love the results!

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Now, if all of the study results…all of the FREE gifts…all of the discount pricing…and a satisfaction guarantee aren’t enough to convince you to try Revatrol, then let me ask you this:

Why should the French
have all the fun?

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life eating dry fat-free muffins, turkey burgers and bland salads? When you go out to eat, wouldn’t you rather enjoy a great meal prepared with delicious sauces and topped off with luscious dessert? I know I would!

I urge now you to steal this French health secret! So many others are doing it…and are freely enjoying the “guilty” pleasures of their past again.

You have the power to protect and nourish both your mental and physical health for decades to come. Thanks to the remarkable natural antioxidant breakthrough, you can live your life to the fullest with vim and vigor. Click the button below to place your order with FREE shipping within the next 7 days!

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William S. Gruss, M.D.

P.S. To really boost your results, doctors who’ve studied this latest red wine extract discovery say it’s safe and very effective to take up to four capsules a day. This is something to consider if you’re worried about weak immunity. If this is the case, you may want to order it at the lowest-price-per-box — click HERE to learn more about how to order Revatrol at the lowest possible price.

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