This little-known “secret” can help you
TAME cholesterol…twice as well as before

Powerful breakthrough actually helps promote
LOWER “bad” cholesterol levels…AND HIGHER  “good” cholesterol levels

 The “double benefit” that no conventional therapy can match!

 Dear Friend,

If you – or a loved one – are concerned about high cholesterol, high blood pressure or any other condition linked to your circulation…then I have a double-dose of good news for you. 

First…a host of placebo-controlled, double-blind studies – the “gold standard” for medical testing – have now been performed, involving hundreds of patients, and they all point to the same conclusion. 

By every important measure, the natural breakthrough Policosanol blows away results obtained from even the latest cholesterol-controlling therapies.  And in just a moment – my second piece of good news – I’ll tell you how you can begin reaping the benefits of Policosanol – RISK-FREE!  But for now…let me tell you more about how it works… 

This could be the greatest heart health discovery of all time…
Policosanol supports lower LDL (bad) cholesterol* [1] …with NO dangerous side effects!

 As you probably know, there are two kinds of cholesterol – LDL (short for Low Density Lipoprotein) and HDL (High Density Lipoprotein).

You want to lower the first kind – your LDL cholesterol.  This is the “bad” stuff that sticks to your artery walls.  When enough of it sticks, it’s called a “plaque.”  These plaques narrow your vessels, strangle your blood flow – and, worst of all – they can break free and cruise through your arteries like rogue missiles.

Eventually, a detached plaque can float up to a coronary artery feeding your heart, and plug it up totally.  Starved of blood, your heart muscle begins to die.  That’s a heart attack.

Or another, smaller plaque might reach an artery in your brain and block it up.  That’s a stroke.

Naturally then, you want to keep your LDL cholesterol levels good and low.  Drugs called “statins” were developed to help you do this. 

But in all the new studies I’ve seen, Policosanol supports lowered LDL levels.*  That’s good news by itself, but it gets even better.  Because…

At the same time, Policosanol dramatically boosts HDL (“Good”) Cholesterol…

And no conventional therapy I know of can match this powerful “double benefit!”

How important is the HDL boost?  Let me put it this way…

HDL cholesterol isn’t just “good,” it’s life itself.  People with the highest HDL levels live the longest, period.

Why?  Because HDL cholesterol is nature’s most powerful artery-cleaner!  Far from being harmful, HDL carries away the dangerous plaque that’s already clogging your artery walls.

It literally rejuvenates your arteries.  And, in study after study…

Policosanol raised HDL levels AS MUCH AS 29.3%!

By contrast, none of the other LDL-lowering therapies have been shown to raise HDL levels significantly.*  See the chart on this page for a head-to-head comparison between Policosanol and leading conventional therapy.  The results are truly amazing!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(box w/ chart)

Head-to-Head Research Results

Policosanol vs. Leading Conventional Therapy

Effects [2]                    Policosanol                  Leading Conventional Therapy


LOWERS LDL           YES, by 19/3%                    YES, but only by 15.6%
(“bad”) cholesterol


RAISES HDL             YES, by 18%                       YES, but only by 5%
(“good”) cholesterol


FREE of toxic effects       YES                                      NO
on liver


At this point, you’re probably wondering, “What’s the catch?”  There isn’t any.  In every study, researchers watched for serious side effects.  There weren’t any.  Policosanol is that rarity of rarities – a free ride.

The studies show all-natural Policosanol is SAFE

The safety of Policosanol – along with the benefits of lowered “bad” cholesterol and higher “good” cholesterol – make it a no-brainer.  (And…in just a moment, I’ll tell you how you can IMMEDIATELY begin improving your heart health…without any risk at all!)

After all, when a leading cholesterol drug was finally recalled, it had already been linked to the deaths of 52 people.  And it wasn’t all that different from other statin drugs still being prescribed.  They’ve all been tied to one or more serious side-effects, which can include:

·         The deadly muscle-wasting disease rhabdomyolysis…
         General fatigue and weakness…
         Stomach pain and cramps…
         Blurred vision…
         Uncontrolled growth of cancer cells…

Not to mention the fact that every statin drug carries a risk of liver damage.  That’s because statin drugs work by blocking an enzyme used by your liver to create cholesterol.  But in doing so, you’re putting an extra load on your liver.  In effect, you’re gambling that your heart benefit will outweigh the added stress put on your liver.  I don’t know about you…but when it comes to my heart and liver health, I do NOT like to gamble. 

Just 20 mg. a day of Policosanol is all you need to promote a healthier heart…
without all the risk of potentially dangerous statin drugs!


In the new research studies I mentioned earlier, it took just a tiny amount of all-natural
Policosanol to move those HDL numbers dramatically upward.

For example, researchers conducted a clinical trial with 244 women who had totally failed to control their cholesterol by dieting.  The women took a small amount of Policosanol daily and – like magic – their LDL levels dropped an average of 25.2%, their total cholesterol plummeted, and their lifesaving HDL levels shot up 29.3%! [4]

And more great news keeps pouring in, too.  The more doctors study Policosanol, the more it appears…

You’ll feel the difference everywhere your blood circulates…
As your whole body surges with new energy!

Every inch of your body depends on a healthy circulatory system – and that’s why all-natural Policosanol can transform the health of your entire body!  And now you can try it RISK-FREE!  (Again…more on that in just a moment.)

·         If you’re trying to control your blood pressure…Policosanol is for you!  A 12-month clinical study confirms that people with hypertension who took Policosanol were able to lower their systolic pressure by an additional 10 points!*

·         If you suffer from poor circulation, cold feet or leg cramps…Policosanol is for you!  In a recent study, patients suffering leg cramps because of severe circulatory problems were able to walk 50% further [5] after taking Policosanol.*

·         If your doctor has ever suggested you get more exercise…Policosanol is for you!  Good circulation makes any form of exercise easier and more enjoyable.  And when patients with coronary heart disease took Policosanol, they saw their capacity to exercise increase dramatically.*

But you must make sure you’re getting the same high quality
Policosanol that doctors used in the research!

In the months ahead, you’re bound to hear more about Policosanol.  You’ll see it being offered under a variety of brands, but it’s not all alike.  The Policosanol used in the research is of a very special quality called Pharmaceutical Grade.  It’s very pure, very carefully certified, and so potent, the pills are quite tiny.

Unless your Policosanol is Pharmaceutical Grade, it may be diluted.

In fact, you might have to take twice what they took in the studies…  And when it comes right down to it, who wants to guess when it comes to their heart health?  That’s why I’m happy to introduce Advanced Nutritional Products’ Pharmaceutical Grade Policosanol: Poli-Cholest ™!

Experience these amazing results for yourself RISK-FREE

For a limited time, you can obtain a trial supply of Poli-Cholest™ Pharmaceutical Grade Policosanol on a very advantageous basis.  The price is less than a third what you’d pay even for the least expensive prescription cholesterol medication. 

And you don’t pay a dime if it doesn’t work!  Both you and your doctor must be delighted with your results, or just send back the unused portion within 90 days for a prompt complete refund, less shipping. 

Don’t miss a beat!  Give your heart a new lease on life…

I promise, you won’t just see better cholesterol numbers, you’ll soon feel the difference too.  It’s happened for so many others who have nourished the artery-cleaning power within their own bodies by taking Policosanol.

Now it’s your turn to make that same, life-enhancing decision.  I do recommend you try at least a 2-month or 3-month supply of Policosanol to start the process, because that’s what scientists who performed the studies recommend.  But let me urge you at least to try a one-month supply.  And, remember…

Poli-Cholest carries a 100% money-back guarantee

Not just a “pro-rated” guarantee, where you only get reimbursed for the unused portion, but a total guarantee (less shipping and handling).  No questions asked.  So there’s absolutely no risk.

Why not call in your order right now, while the number is right in front of you?  Or just mail the enclosed RISK-FREE Gift Certificate or fax your order to xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Do it today!

Working for your good health,

Rick Popowitz, President
Advanced Nutritional Products

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