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30 Years of

Breakthrough Marketing Success

My name is Jody Madron, and I’ve been in the marketing, publishing and copywriting fields since 1992. The first decade of my career was spent as a marketer and publisher… and that background has provided me a solid foundation to understand the pressures that marketers and entrepreneurs face in today’s fast-moving marketplace.

Since 2001 I’ve provided results-focused, breakthrough sales copy and marketing advice for some of the industry’s most successful marketers. I’ve racked up dozens of controls…and helped generate well over $100 million in sales for my clients.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have been mentored by some of the very best in the industry – including legends like Bill Bonner and Jay Abraham – and I’ve delivered controls for my clients in multiple specialties.

I look forward to working closely with you on your next project where I can not only share my expertise with you but also learn FROM you as we build your next successful marketing campaign together.

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WealthDaily saw a 123% increase in signups from this financial newsletter alone.
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WealthDaily saw a 123% increase in signups from this financial newsletter alone.
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Helping Businesses Large and Small for

Over 30 Years in Over a Dozen Unique Industries, Including...


Jody Madron has been a part of the investment newsletter business since 1992, with dozens of controls for clients of all shapes and sizes, including many of the industry’s largest publishers.

Investor Relations & Awareness

Bring increased awareness to your company or campaign by tapping into Jody Madron’s experience, including successful awareness campaigns in biotech, bitcoin, cannabis, energy, fintech, gold/precious metals, psilocybin, security, technology...and more.

Vitamins & Health Products

Understanding the regulatory landscape is just as important as understanding what sells in the nutritional supplement marketing world. Jody Madron has over 20 years of experience helping clients successfully navigate that ever-changing terrain.


For any business, it’s critical that your website delivers your message effectively and attracts new customers. Since the earliest days of “dial-up” internet, Jody Madron has helped businesses successfully achieve their goals with powerful website copy.

5 Things You Should Expect When You Work With Jody Madron

An active participant

in brainstorming new ideas for your product or service…not a writer who will try to fit your product into some “template” or some by-the-book formula for spitting out features and benefits.

A draft of the headline and lead

sent to you quickly – sometimes in just a day or two – in order to make certain that the writer and marketer are on the same page with the “big ideas.”

Fast Turnaround

You’ll receive a first draft of your promotion on or before our agreed-upon deadline. No exceptions and no excuses.

Lightning Fast Revisions

Time for revisions is built into the schedule ahead of time in order to make sure your promo gets out the door quickly…and with all changes made as requested.

A winning promotion

Simply put…I’m not happy unless we beat your control and develop a long-running, successful promotion. Every time.

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