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How We Work

A Unique Combination of Copywriting Experience and Marketing Understanding

When you work with Jody Madron on your next copywriting project, you’re not just getting an experienced, multi-million dollar copywriter with a history of success in the financial newsletter, investor relations and nutritional supplement fields…

  • You’re also getting a proven business builder who has helped his clients launch more than 20 successful new ventures in the past decade alone…
  • You’re also getting an experienced marketer who was mentored by some of the legends of the marketing and publishing fields – including “Hall of Famers” like Bill Bonner, Michael Masterson and Jay Abraham…
  • Most importantly – you’re getting someone who understands the challenges you’re facing as a marketer, publisher or entrepreneur.

That’s because for the first nine years of my career, I sat on your side of the desk as a marketer and publisher. I know what it’s like to search frantically for new ideas…capable copywriters…and successful promotions. I understand the pressure you’re facing every day to make every last marketing dollar count.

It’s that combination of experience and success that makes partnering with Jody Madron such a winning proposition for so many marketers and entrepreneurs.

No-Shortcut Approach

Research, Research…and More Research

OK, I’ll admit it – my basement is practically overflowing with direct mail samples.

And over the last two years, I’ve maxed out three hard drives storing E-mail samples and pdf files.

So why am I hoarding all of these marketing samples?

There’s a reason for my madness – although I’m sure my wife would love for me to throw away all of the boxes of mail that are piled up all over our basement.

You see…I’m not just throwing my mail into a huge pile and leaving it at that. Each promo sample is filed away meticulously…and each pdf file or E-mail on my computer is labeled and easily accessible.

That’s because I believe strongly that research is at least 80% of the game when it comes to creating winning ideas and successful promotions.

You see, in order for me to help successfully market your product or service to your prospect, I’ve got to know what he or she is feeling…what keeps him up at night…what web sites she reads. And – most importantly – I’ve got to know what’s in the mailbox each and every day.

So that’s the reason my mail carrier groans when approaching my house every day – it’s all because I like to get my hands on every single piece of advertising that your prospects are exposed to. In the end, keeping an eye on the competition – and understanding what’s working in your marketplace – is critical to the success of any potential partnership.

What to Expect

What You Should Expect When You Work With Jody Madron

  • An active participant in brainstorming new ideas for your product or service…not a writer who will try to fit your product into some “template” or some by-the-book formula for spitting out features and benefits.
  • A tireless researcher who believes strongly that going the extra mile with research ultimately adds credibility, timeliness and urgency…and also leads to much stronger copy.
  • A draft of the headline and lead sent to you quickly – sometimes in just a day or two – in order to make certain that the writer and marketer are on the same page with the “big ideas.”
  • Fast turnaround – You’ll receive a first draft of your promotion on or before our agreed-upon deadline. No exceptions and no excuses.
  • Lighting fast revisions – Time for revisions is built into the schedule ahead of time in order to make sure your promo gets out the door quickly…and with all changes made as requested.
  • A winning promotion – Simply put…I’m not happy unless we beat your control and develop a long-running, successful promotion. Every time.


Flexibility is Critical to Your Success

During my time as a marketer, I worked with a whole host of copywriters who just didn’t get it.

Some were completely inflexible when it came to schedule…while others were outraged at the idea of making any revisions to their copy.

It was simply baffling to me – and incredibly frustrating.

Was it ego? Was it stubbornness? Or was it simply laziness?

The answer ultimately doesn’t matter…but what does matter is the fact that the frustration I felt back then has carried over with me to “the other side” of the desk today.

As a copywriter, I’ve worked successfully with one client who requires a one-week turnaround on a job that normally requires four to five weeks. And I’ve worked successfully with other clients who have changed the entire direction of a promotion in the middle of a project. (In one case, a client asked for a change from “greed” to “fear” just before the first draft was delivered…and the result was their most profitable promotions in over a decade for that publication.)

Here’s what it all means: I understand that changes are inevitable in this business…and I’ve been around long enough – on both sides of the desk – to know that those changes can always be handled. Maintaining that flexibility is something I take great pride in, as I understand why it’s often necessary.

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