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An Experienced, Multi-Million Dollar Copywriter

Jody Madron has a proven track record of success in the financial newsletter business. In the last few years alone, Jody has delivered controls for more than 20 publications including: Strategic Investment, Green Chip Stocks, Gold & Energy Advisor, Pure Energy Stock Trader, Secret Stock Files, Stealth Stocks, Orbus Investor, Venture Insider, Samurai Stock Trader, Hidden Values Alert, Inevitable Wealth Portfolio, ETF Trader…and more.

In addition, Jody has developed a reputation for producing consistent winners in the area of Investor Awareness copywriting, having written successful campaigns for some of the industry’s highest-volume mailers of “single stock” promotions.

All totaled, Jody Madron’s results-boosting copy has generated more than $74 million in sales for his clients – including those in the financial newsletter, investor awareness and nutritional supplement fields – and he can do the same for you…starting today!

Business Builder/Mentors

A Proven Business Builder

Jody was personally mentored by some of the legends in the marketing and publishing fields – including “Hall of Famers” such as Bill BonnerMichael Masterson…and Jay Abraham.

This education led Jody to become the youngest Group Publisher ever at Agora, Inc. – where he managed a division consisting of ten products…400,000 subscribers…and over $11 million in annual sales – all at the ripe-old age of just 26.

Since that time, Jody has gone on to help clients such as Sylvan Learning Systems, James DiGeorgia & Associates, Eastman Communications and Angel Publishing launch more than a dozen successful new business ventures in the past eight years alone, producing additional tens of millions in revenue along the way.

Here are just a few snapshots of Jody’s successful copywriting career:

  • First-hand marketing experience working for companies such as Sylvan Learning Systems, Agora Publishing and MBNA America
  • Over 15 years experience in direct mail marketing covering everything from campaign coordination to creative development
  • Created best-selling direct mail control package for Strategic Investment in nearly ten years in 2004
  • Created successful E-mail and direct mail investor awareness promotions for resource stocks…technology stocks…and health-related stocks.
  • Led a financial newsletter division at Agora Publishing consisting of ten products – and 400,000 subscribers – which generated over $11 million annually
  • Created E-mail promotion controls for several investment newsletter publications, such as Strategic Investment, Stealth Stocks, Samurai Stock Trader and Pure Energy Stock Trader
  • Oversaw creation of 12-piece sales brochure system for Sylvan Learning Systems from concept to finished product
  • Introduced an “inside sales” department to Sylvan Education Solutions, resulting in a dramatic increase in the number of qualified leads produced
  • Launched Sylvan Education Solutions’ first-ever lead-generating direct marketing campaign targeted to school administrators nationwide
  • Introduced new sales tracking methods to Sylvan which brought new focus to business development efforts
  • Managed Agora Finanical Publishing’s first-ever Ancillary Marketing Group, which produced $3.7 million in revenue during its first year
  • Became youngest Group Publisher in Agora Publishing’s history
  • Wrote five simple renewal packages which generated over $5.50 per name mailed

30 Years of
Breakthrough Marketing Success

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