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Marketing Consultation

Give your marketing campaign the critical guidance and experience of a proven marketing expert responsible for the launch and marketing of countless products, services, and companies – contributing to over $43 million in sales and counting.

Proven Marketing Experience = Proven Results

Remember…when you work with Jody Madron – in any capacity – you’re not just getting an experienced, successful copywriter. And you’re not just getting a proven business-builder with more than a dozen successful launches to his credit.

You’re also getting a partner who understands the unique challenges you’re facing on a daily basis…because he has “walked in your shoes” as a marketer…publisher…business owner…and entrepreneur.

So if you feel your business could benefit from the unique combination of experience that Jody Madron brings to the table…I urge you to contact Jody Madron now.

Marketing Consultation Services

  • One-time marketing consultation – If you’re interested in a second opinion or some expert advice on a particular marketing challenge…
  • Project partnership – Work directly with Jody Madron to achieve an agreed-upon set of business or marketing goals – such as a series of mailings…orchestration of a direct mail campaign…or development of a new marketing strategy.
  • Project management – Tap into Jody Madron’s network of marketing resources and let Madron Marketing oversee your entire marketing project from start to finish.
  • Ongoing partnership – Madron Marketing has also worked successfully with a number of companies as an “ongoing partner” where you benefit on a day-to-day basis from Jody Madron’s 15-plus years of breakthrough marketing experience.

Results, Reasons…

Why contact Madron Marketing for a marketing conultation? Madron Marketing can help you:

  • Understand and leverage your unique product’s positioning in marketing campaigns
  • Plan marketing campaigns that reach across multiple channels and work strategically for maximum results
  • Translate solid marketing strategy into effective marketing campaign elements – list selection, marketing piece design, copywriting, testing, and measuring success
  • Clarify and help maximize your marketing campaign’s copywriting to generate huge response lifts

FREE 30-minute telephone marketing consultation!

I’m so convinced of my ability to help your business increase response – and boost revenue – that I’m offering a FREE 30-minute telephone consultation!

Simply fill out the online form – or call me at 410-795-0946 – and set up an appointment.

Use our 30 minute telephone consultation to discuss your copy needs…get feedback on an existing marketing piece…or solicit ideas for your next campaign.

There is absolutely no obligation – simply call today to set up an appointment!


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