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Frequently Asked Questions About Working With Madron Marketing

What does your schedule typically look like?

Obviously, the answer to this question depends on the time of year it’s asked and overall market conditions. But I can say that once your project is booked on my schedule, I average roughly 3-4 weeks to develop a new, full-scale promotion (12-16 pages for print and/or the web equivalent.) It’s possible to get a faster turnaround depending on my schedule and the amount of lead time provided.

How much do you charge to write a promotion?

I charge on a project-by-project basis. Once I know the scope of your project, I can quickly provide you with a pricing structure.

Do you write your own copy or do you “farm it out” to junior-level writers?

I write all of the copy myself, as I feel strongly that any client who pays for my services should receive my work, and not the work of an underling. I can tell you that on many occasions I’ve been asked to overhaul a promotion that was purportedly written by a “top-tier” copywriter…but upon close inspection, it was obvious that the work had been handed over to a “rookie” – without the client’s permission. That will never happen when you work with me.

What if I have an idea for a product…but I haven’t launched yet? Can I run an idea by you to get your opinion?

Absolutely. In addition to copywriting, I also offer comprehensive consulting services so I can help you not only grow your idea but ultimately turn that idea into a successful new business.

Would you be willing to review my existing promotion?

Certainly – I’m happy to review either your existing “control” promotion or a new promotion you’ve developed in hopes of beating your control. My copy reviews are thorough…they help you build a stronger promotion…and they’re relatively inexpensive.

What if I don’t have an idea for my product or service but I still need to promote it?

Fear not…brainstorming is another specialty of mine. In fact, one of my more recent successful promotions was for a product where the marketer, publisher and editor were all searching for a winning idea. One conference call later, we had that idea…and the promotion became an enormous success.

Do you specialize in copywriting for direct mail, E-mail or the internet?

As you’ll see when you click on my Portfolio, I’ve had success writing both print and online promotions. While there are critical differences that must be taken into account, there are also fundamental principles of strong copy that must be evident regardless of media. So to answer the question…I specialize in good, strong copy.

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