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12 “Must-Ask” Questions Before Launching Any New Promotion

How can you — as a marketer — be sure that every promotion that leaves your desk is a winner?

Obviously there are no guarantees when it comes to predicting response rates…

But you can give your promotion the very best chance for success by making sure it passes a few simple tests.

Before any promo leaves my desk, I have a simple list of questions I ask myself about the piece in the “final review.”  The list has evolved over time — and it can change from week to week.

But there are a handful of questions that must be asked before turning in any promo.  Here are a dozen that I consider to be among the most important…

1. What is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?  Is it clear?

2. What is the reader’s point of maximum anxiety?  What keeps him up at night?

3. Does the package have enough all four components of the “four-legged stool”?  (Benefit, track record, credibility and strong idea)

4. Does the promo have enough of each of the Four P’s?  (Promise, Picture, Proof and Push)

5. Is there an attention-grabbing headline?

6. Is there a strong enough promise in the lead?  Is it clear to the reader “What’s in it for me?”

7. Does the promo have a single main purpose?  Is it clear how you want the reader to feel or respond?

8. Is there a single main idea that can easily be explained in 2-3 sentences?

9. Does the “close” of the letter tie back into the beginning of the piece?

10. Does the promo “show” rather than “tell”?

11. Is the pace fast enough?

12. Is the offer simple enough that the reader can easily respond?

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