3 Simple — Yet Powerful — Rules to Dramatically Increase Your Email Open Rates

Email marketers know this reality: Your open rates hold the key to success for any promotion. After all, if your prospects aren’t opening your message, then they aren’t clicking… And they certainly aren’t ordering. So what’s the simplest, most effective way to consistently generate great open rates? Write great subject lines. Here are three easy-to-follow rules for writing […]

There’s Nothing Like an Argument to Spark Great Marketing Ideas

No matter if you’re a marketing director, publisher, product developer or copywriter…one of the most important tasks you face every day is coming up with the next great idea. And there’s no shortage of advice out there on how to do this. There have been books written about it. Articles in trade publications. Blog post […]

The Power of Audacity in Marketing

Many years ago – way back in the mid-1990s, in fact – I found myself very much in the right place at the right time for learning valuable marketing lessons. I had just landed a job managing “ancillary sales” for Agora’s financial newsletter division. For the most part, this was to involve lining up advertisers […]

Creating Irresistible Offer Copy to Dramatically Boost Response

So many of the up-and-coming copywriters I’ve worked with have admitted to me that one of the most critical components of any sales piece is almost an afterthought. In some cases, they hastily put it together after they’ve spent most of their time tinkering with the headline and lead… While in other cases they’re more […]

3 Things You MUST Know Before You Begin Any Marketing Campaign

In the early stages of any marketing campaign — before you’ve hired a copywriter or lined up potential launch dates — there are a handful of questions you must be able to answer in order ensure success. These three questions aren’t meant to serve as a checklist after you’ve created your campaign… Instead, they’re meant […]

Four Critical Ideas to Consider When Evaluating Any Headline

The first – and most important – component to any great sales piece is a strong, compelling headline. This isn’t news to you…you’ve known about the importance of having engaging, enticing, attention-grabbing headlines throughout your career. Over the past decade or so, headlines and subject lines have become even more important. In the “old days” […]