Write Great Subject Lines — And Increase Your Open Rates

Email marketers know this reality: Your open rates hold the key to success for any promotion. After all, if your prospects aren’t opening your message, then they aren’t clicking… And they certainly aren’t ordering. So what’s the simplest, most effective way to consistently generate great open rates? Write great subject lines. Here are three easy-to-follow […]

7 Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring any Freelance Copywriter

You’re considering hiring a freelance copywriter…but how do you know for sure if the writer will be someone who can make your investment pay off?  After all – with the popularity of online copy courses today – anyone with a computer and an internet connection, it seems like, is billing himself as a “World-Class Freelance […]

How to Evaluate Sales Copy in Five Minutes or Less

It may seem like the very last piece of the puzzle…but a thorough review of your sales copy – before your prospects see it – is a critical step. No matter if you paid an experienced copywriter to craft your message or if you’ve done the work yourself…it’s still vitally important to evaluate your copy […]

How to Ethically “Steal” From Your Competitors

It seems so obvious…but I can tell you first-hand that many marketers just don’t do it. They don’t take the time to learn from their competitors. If you’re a sports fan, you’ve most likely read stories about professional coaches who spend 18 hour days watching film of their upcoming opponents.  On the surface, of course, […]

Five Things Every Good Headline MUST Do

The headline – it’s the most important part of any sales letter. In fact, some writers spend 50% or more of their time working on this one key element of their promotion. And with good reason. With direct mail, you have – at most – three seconds to capture the reader’s attention with a good […]

12 “Must-Ask” Questions Before Launching Any New Promotion

How can you — as a marketer — be sure that every promotion that leaves your desk is a winner? Obviously there are no guarantees when it comes to predicting response rates… But you can give your promotion the very best chance for success by making sure it passes a few simple tests. Before any […]